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 Some advantages of 3G’s heat pipe solar collector

1、              VACUUM TUBE

3G's advantage:

(a). We produce the tubes by ourself, so we can control the quality by ourself;

(b). Our selective coating is ALN/SS-ALN/CU, it is a advanced technology. From our EN12975 test report, its absorptivity coefficient is more than 94%, and its emissivity coefficient is less than 7%;

(c).The vaccum degree of our vacuum tubes can reach 5*10-4 pa, some others are 5*10-3 Pa, so our vacuum tubes can work for more colder temperature.



Since some other suppliers use the heat pipe with 14mm condenser, so the diameter of their heat pipe port is 16mm and the diameter of their manifold header pipe is 22mm, and thickness are 0.8mm or 1.0mm. Since 3G's heat pipe with 24mm condenser, so 3G's heat pipe port and manifold header pipe is 26.6 mm and 37mm, the thickness is 1.2mm.

3G's advantage:

(a). Thicker copper pipe is good for welding, don't need to worry about leakage from the welding points.

(b). It can work well for high pressure working condition.



Some other suppliers use several short sheets with 2mm thickness for one heat pipe; 3G use a complete sheet with 3mm thickness and 1800mm length for heat pipe.

3G's advantage:

(a).  From vertical section of 3G's heat-transfer sheet, you can see there is a hole which we will insert the heat pipe through it. You can also see that other suppliers put the heat pipe in the middle of two half sheets.  Compare to the sheet of other suppliers, our heat-transfer sheet can attach heat pipe more closer, so it can transfer more energy than others. 




1).   The thickness of the heat pipe is different.

Some other suppliers's thickness is 0.3mm or 0.25mm; 3G's thickness is 0.6mm,

3G's advantages:

(a). The middle of the heat pipe is a vacuum space, since our heat pipe is thicker, so other gas can't enter into vacuum space through the heat pipe easier,so our heat pipe can keep vaccum for longer time;

(b). Even if the liquid in the heat pipe freezen, since our heat pipe is thicker,so it can't break, so our heat pipe can work in more colder temperature.

2). The material of heat pipe is different.

Some other suppliers's material is the common copper (brass); 3G's material is no Oxygen pure copper, the model number is TU1 copper, the most expensive material for heat pipe;

3G's advantages:

(a). The conduction coefficient of pure copper is 381 W/m.k, and the conduction coefficient of common copper (brass) is 118 W/m.k. So, conduction coefficient of 3G's heat pipe is more better.

3). The diameter of heat pipe condenser is different.

Most of other suppliers use the heat pipe with 14mm or 16 mm condenser heat pipe, the Apricus use 22mm condenser, 3G's heat pipe condenser is 24mm, it is the bigest condenser in China company.

3G's advantages: (a). Bigger condenser, the heat pipe can transfer heat energy more efficient.

4). The anti-freeze technical is different.

Some other suppliers's heat pipe use the old anti-freeze technology, filled with the antifreeze; 3G's heat pipe filled with pure water and the metal powder, this is the newest anti-freeze technology.

3G's advantage:

(a). 3G's heat pipe can work for more colder temperature, minus 30 degree is ok.

Other suppliers's disadvantage: For the heat pipe filled with antifreeze, after a period, the antifreeze will chemolysis and produce some gas, and these gas can't turn into liquid to recycle, it will stay in the condenser of the heat pipe. From the structure on the left side, you can see how heat pipe work. So, if use this small condenser heat pipe, when the condenser is full of this gas, the liquid in the heat pipe can't recycle by the condenser any more, that is mean the heat pipe is useless at that monment.

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